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The spirit that drives me


My experience as a professional performance coach, transgenerational psychoanalyst, therapist and Taoist energitician, enables my clients to benefit from an in-depth approach, where complex action processes are looked at, whether on a psychological, mental or energetic level.

For me, the aim of working on yourself, whether in the domain of highperformance sports, arts, entrepreneurship or on a more personal level, is to facilitate the implementation of intention and self-conscience through the means of a humanising partnership. Working on yourself must enable the following:


  • Conscious identification of mental blocks, restrictions and invalidities

  • Development of skill sets and resources tailored to your performance for immediate implementation

  • Enhancement of multidisciplinary understanding of knowledge

  • Overall health of mind and action as a whole

  • Happy humanisation and Well-Treatment of the soul

  • Holistic and ecological fulfilment

Helping and supporting others feels to me like a calling, which I’ve made possible through a well-constructed approach. Whether this might be for your development, accomplishment or fulfilment, I combine tools and complementary sources of knowledge, which enable a personalised support on a holistic, humanistic and ecological level. I love the process of sharing this journey with a person, a journey which is their own…

Just like a wave in motion, I work on fluidity by revealing the light potentials which are in all of us.

The strength that lies in meditation, which I’ve been practising as a personal ecology, contributes to opening a new field of conscience and possibilities.


For me, living is a movement; therefore, providing support is simply movement, with waves and particles spinning all around. The more this movement is fluid, the more the support will be rightly tailored, because it will synchronise with what is free of preconceptions or prejudice, in accordance with the subject’s environment and singular desire.


Support is a demanding and humbling task…


Support is synonymous with movement, just like a Wave.

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