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Performance coaching

What ?


When confronted by a challenge, the unconscious and conscious combination of the heart-body-soul construct guides your intentions and desire to perform, with regards to motivation, emotions and goals. The ability to perform alongside potential mental blocks are part of this subtle and paradoxical combination, which contribute to the way performance is represented and implemented.

Hence the importance of exploring your resources, beyond the technical aspects whereby discipline of action is required, considering the amount of data we can use to overcome these hindrances, identifying explorable resources, implementing new skills and active solutions immediately.

Stretching the space-time continuum and making it elastic is equivalent to living in the moment, in order to develop not only your own presence of mind or the consciousness of your own resources, but also and especially to discover the potential we have deep inside of us. Living in that moment, favouring the “flow”, this state of “flowing-stretching-circulating-gliding – untouched by time or fields” enables creativity to express itself freely, freed from thought, negative and limiting representations, where you can simply express your true potential.

The aim is to work on the emergence of performance-oriented skills and resources, for immediate and effective implementation.

To :

Make the sportsperson a key player in his own success and project

Rise up to a challenge, improving your performances

Accompany the conditions of change

Reinforce self-esteem and self-image

Explore potentials

Deal with your emotions to turn them into a dynamic force

Optimise your skill set

Dare to develop a project

Promote healthy relations and good communication within a team

Stabilise progress and pursuing it harmoniously with reachable goals

Foster success

Know how to communicate and unite

Learn how to manage crisis situations

Cultivate your well-being and internal harmony

How ?

Establishing the sporting project diagnosis and giving it mental and psychological coherence by exploring dreams and motivations on different levels


Providing security to the sporting environment (team, organisation, management)


Incrementing the steps towards your goal


Maintaining known skills and exploring new ones


Building new psychological, emotional, mental and energetic processes and resources, and training them with better control over internal emotional states and intentions, thanks to the ability to rely easily on anchor points


Balancing your personal and professional life


Daring to speak out in a confidential and constructive manner


Learning to manage your image with regards to the media and the impact of social media


Learning to develop community values to build a cooperative spirit within a team, a company, a club, a structure, an organisation.


Training yourself to live in the moment in order to optimise your actions, encouraging the surpassing of yourself, bringing out and adjusting awareness levers (stimuli) to gain access to superior dimensions, sense and transcendence through your project.


Living with a sense of genuine and lasting well-being


With which tools ?

Accompanying is done in a singular and creative fashion based on a subtle mix of techniques and know-hows, by integrating at the same time your life story, psychological stakes/issues, behaviours and values (NLP, vakog, process work, systemics), neurology, internal mythology (dreams, emblematic figures, heroes, role models), visualisation techniques (waking dreams, shamanic trips), reprogramming (EMDR and modified states of consciousness), quantum superluminous approach (working with fields and waves, mental imaging), energetics (traditional Chinese medicine, therapeutic Qi Qong, active Taoist meditations, energetic healing), preparation and mental training, symbolic modelling and Clean coaching.


pros & part : formation

Why accompany and/or train professionals and teams/staff ?

Because in most organisational systems, the human factor is often overlooked for the benefit of the project, as if the latter could occur without the former. It is interesting:


While accompanying, first of all to look at the framework, the system and its participants, goals and real intentions. The system can be delved into on a macroscopic or microscopic level, by meshing together all possible stake types, for immediately-implementable solutions via a systemic approach.


To look at the stakes / issues behind human relations and their complexities, in certain situations where communication is difficult.


Facilitate the conditions of change, development, performance, framework and group dynamics when faced with achievement-driven stress

Training courses, seminars & conferences

Individual training | manager – director - artist

Team or duo training

Seminars & interactive conferences

Examples of thematics

Team accompanying


Stakes and conditions of performance


Strength of energetics in performance


Personal echoes in the professional framework


Knowing how to communicate and conveying the know-how


Sharing and analysing your communicational soft-skills


Conscience and self-awareness




Developing and/or reinforcing your identity as a professional


Knowing yourself to improve your work


What is performance? Sharing of ideas and experiences regarding how we would define performance and construction of a common definition to tend toward


Teamwork: furthering your understanding of issues at stake and systemics of a group, an organisation or a team in order to better serve performance in a humane and efficient manner

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